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Exterro käyttäjäpäivät espoossa 6.9.2022

kuvaWelcome to Moonsoft’s and Exterro’s Techday on 6th September.

In this exclusive event, Moonsoft will together with our partner Exterro showcase how organisations around the globe are leveraging automation and collaboration with Exterro's FTK Lab and FTK Central, built on FTK technology.

The event will start with an overview of the Digital Forensic state of today, followed by the latest developments; both in the Digital Forensic industry and Exterro's solution portfolio.

The afternoon will be an interactive and hands-on session about how to use FTK LAB and Central in a real life scenario, led by Sarah Hargreaves, Vice President of Global Training at Exterro.

Paikka: Innopoli 3 C-building, Maslov room
Osoite: Vaisalantie 2-8, FI-02130 Espoo, Finland

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